Driver, Track, Pit, and Race Rules

Driver's Rules

Track Officials' decisions are final.
No Fighting
Must be 18 years of age.
Cars not passing final inspection will forfeit ALL prize money and points awarded for the evening.
Drivers are responsible for their pit members, and will be held responsible for the actions of their pit members
Must not be intoxicated or deemed incapable by judges.
After having registered, driver has waived all rights to claim in case of injury received while on track or in the pit area.
Must wear protective headgear and seatbelt while on track, even during warm up laps.
Registration will stop one hour before race time.
Must present a valid drivers license at registration.
3 strikes and your out enforcement---
     1st strike - Out the rest of the year.
     2nd strike - Out the rest of the year and the following year.
     3rd strike - Out for life.

Pit Rules

NO intoxicating substances of any type will be allowed in the pit area. NO FIGHTING.
Cars and persons in the pit area will follow instruction given by the pit steward.
No racing or ramming around will be allowed in pit area.
Cars will leave the pit area only for hot laps or when called for a race.
All persons in the pit area must be at least 16 years of age and have a pit pass at all times.
All persons in the pit area must stay at least 5 feet from the pit walls, and should NOT be in the pit exit area.
Persons having obtained a pit pass are advised that by doing so have waived any right to claim on any injury received while in the pit or track area.
Drivers are responsible for their pit members, and will be held responsible for the actions of their pit members.

Track Rules

Track Officials' decisions are FINAL.
No Fighting
All Cars Must Pass Inspection.
Cars MUST exit the track slowly or will be removed from the event for the night
All cars must stay on the traveled portion of the track. If your car goes off the track, slow down and re-enter the traveled portion of the track as close to the place of leaving as possible. If you advance your position by doing this, you will be black-flagged.
Cars allowed on the track while racing or during hot laps as directed by the track officials.
Cars in a race are not allowed to pit during the race. Any car that leaves the track and goes to the pit before completion of the race is disqualified.
No pit people on the track once the race starts.
No work done on the cars while race is under green flag.
If told to shut car off by official, in case of accident, you will get a re-start and hold your position in the re-start.
Running on a rim is only allowed during the final laps of a race, if you are in contention.

Race Rules

No car, at anytime, is allowed to hit another car's driver side door.
Eight lap heat races and consolations, and twelve lap main.

    1. Green flag- GO- race is underway.
    2. Red flag- STOP- Violators will be black Flagged.
    3. Black flag- Exit the race- rule violation.
    4. White flag- One lap left in the race.
    5. In the event that a car requires assistance from the Fire Dept., a Push Truck, a Tractor, Skid Loader, Event Staff, etc., that car will be not be able to continue the race.
    6. Cars running at the conclusion of the main event MUST remain on the track for final inspection, you will be disqualified if you leave the track.
    7. Checkered flag- Race is over.
    8. In case of a Red flag before completion of the first lap, race will be restarted with the cars in their original positions.
    9. If accident occurs after the first lap, the race will be judged by the flagman:
    10. If traveled portion of the track is clear, race will continue under a green flag.
    11. If traveled portion of the track is blocked, Red flag- all cars stop immediately. Cars will hold their position as of the last completed lap prior to the red flag.
    12. Any car or driver having been judged to have violated the rules laid forth will be given the Black flag and must leave the race track immediately and go to the pit area immediately.
    13. This isn't stock car racing. Expect contact


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